Kid Safe Toothpaste

Our Natural and Kid Approved Oral Care Routine With 123Grin! Kids Oral Care Pack

This blog post is sponsored by Grin Natural, but all opinions are my own. 

I am writing this blog to tell you that I have been so impressed by Grin Natural’s oral care, especially their new 123Grin! Kid Set! So I am excited to share our experience with you!


Kids Safe Toothpaste


I don’t know about you guys, but I never made oral care an important part of my routine when I was little. My parents always told me to brush my teeth, but never stressed the importance of it. So most of the time, I ended up doing a 10-second brush and calling it a night (haha yikes). 


So, because of my lack of oral care, I got my first cavity when I was 5-years-old! The cavity was so deep that I almost had to get a root canal! I learned from my mistakes and now I want to make sure I prevent this from ever happening to Hud.


Nighttime Routine with Grin


Getting Hud to brush his teeth used to be a nightmare. Seriously, we used to have to pin him down to brush his teeth! He also hated every toothpaste we ever got him because it was either too spicy or would feel “too slimy” on his teeth. Recently, we started using Grin’s oral care products and it has made such a difference in our overall nighttime routine! We have specifically been using the 123 Grin Kids Oral Care Pack! The 123 Grin Pack comes with flossers, a toothbrush and toothpaste, and then a cute little chart with stickers to track your little one’s progress.


Kid Safe Toothpaste


Since using the 123 Grin Kids Oral Care Pack, I haven’t had to fight Hud on brushing his teeth. He actually wants to do it now and I am so happy about this! He loves using the little flossers because he thinks it is so fun to get all of the “yucky stuff” out of his teeth. He also loves the strawberry toothpaste, which is so fortunate since he hates every other toothpaste. 


It’s also nice because the Grin toothpaste Hud uses is fluoride-free and safe if swallowed, so I never have to worry about him swallowing harmful ingredients! Overall, Hud’s favorite part about the 123 Grin Pack is the chart with stickers, it is so fun for him. He loves to be able to put a sticker on the chart every time he brushes his teeth, it keeps him so motivated! We told him that once he gets to the end of the chart, he can get a little surprise. 


Kid Safe Toothpaste


Grin Benefits – Natural Oral Care


Jacob and I are also big fans of Grins oral care products. What I didn’t mention previously is that Grin’s products are very different than other oral care companies. I love them because they are natural! Their toothpaste has no sodium lauryl sulfate, no added sugar, no preservatives, no artificial colors, no artificial flavors, no fragrance, and no harsh abrasives.


Other than having natural ingredients in their products, they are also better for our environment. Their toothbrushes and flossers are biodegradable. I have slowly been making changes over the last couple of years to use better and more natural products with less chemicals. I started two years ago with my skincare and for the last year I have been trying to be better with natural foods and now I am switching up my oral care habits


Kids Safe Toothpaste


Why I Choose Grin


Since I am pregnant, using natural products is super important to me and I have always tried to use the most natural and pure products with Hudson. So changing to a more natural toothpaste and biodegradable products is super high on my list of priorities. 


Kid Safe ToothpasteKid Safe Toothpaste


After using these products consistently I have nothing but great things to say. Knowing that I am putting natural ingredients in my body really gives me a peace of mind! So, it is time to trade out your chemical-filled oral care products and switch to Grin for a more natural and biodegradable oral care routine! For more information on Grin and their products visit their website here, and you can use my code MAYCI10 for 10% off your purchase!

Much Love,

Mayci J

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