Pregnancy Update

20 Week Pregnancy Update!

Ok, how is it even possible that I am a little more than halfway done with my pregnancy? So far, my pregnancy has gone by so fast and I can hardly keep track of each day. I think working full time while trying to manage a videography/photography and social media business has to account for the time just flying by!

As well, this pregnancy is very different for me. My first pregnancy was so full of sadness and despair that it seemed to go by at snail speed. This pregnancy so far has been pretty happy for the most part! Granted, working as much as I do definitely puts a toll on my overall mood and happiness at times. But for the most part, things are just great!


Pregnancy Update

20 Week Ultrasound

Last month I had my 20-week ultrasound, which is an exciting yet scary ultrasound because it is an anatomy scan. During this ultrasound, they look at everything in the baby’s body. They look at the chambers of the heart, brain, umbilical cord and they even count all of their precious fingers and toes. It goes a lot more in-depth than that but basically, the ultrasound technician can see if anything is wrong with your baby from this ultrasound. 

Our ultrasound took about an hour, which surprised me because I thought it would only be 30 minutes. Sadly, we weren’t able to take any video because apparently, it is against HIPAA guidelines or something. After our ultrasound, we met with our doctor who gave us our results. He told us that everything they checked looked great! So we are super grateful that baby Neeley is 100% healthy! 


Pregnancy Update

26 Week Update

Today I am 26 weeks which is insane to me because next week I will be in the third trimester! I am feeling baby girl kick a lot more now and her kicks are getting stronger every day. We are currently in the process of getting the nursery ready and so far we have painted, got the crib, bedding, and a cute little mirror. The next things on my list to get are curtains, a light fixture, a rug, and a dresser! 

Throughout my pregnancy, I have felt pretty good! Life, in general, is crazy right now with COVID and the election so I try not to let it play too much on my emotions because it does make life a little more stressful. But overall life is great and we couldn’t be more excited to meet baby girl in 3.5 months! 


Pregnancy UpdatePregnancy UpdatePregnancy Update

Pregnancy Update

  • 26 weeks pregnant
  • Baby is the size of a papaya
  • Craving sweets (mostly chocolate)
  • Slight swelling starting in my hands
  • Mild restless legs at night
  • Sensitive teeth
  • Slight nausea 
  • Lower back pain
  • Shortness of breath

Thanks for following along with my journey, it means a lot to me! If you have any questions, feel free to jump in my QA on Instagram tomorrow morning! 

Much love,

Mayci J

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